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Floor grinder BSL-250


BSL–250 is characterized by very good grinding performance, easy handling and high quality of finish. 

• Grinding with diamond discs in various grits
• Leveling of unevennesses on floors
• Removing of cocnrete, screed, paint or epoxy
• “Dry” concrete floor polishing


Powerful electromotor together with compact chasis and frame makes BSL-250 suitable machine for grinding in small or segmented areas. Machine operation is very comfortable what makes the grinding more effective. Cover always stays in touch with ground and in combination with vacuum cleaner makes the work alsmost dustfree. Tools are supplied in wide range for efficient grinding, polishing and cleaning.


•   Machine versatility due to wide range of tools
•   Simple and compact design
•   Single phase / 16 amps powered machine - commonly available
•   Folding handlebar - easy transport and storage
•   Easy operation without time consuming settings
•   Flexible clutch for smooth operation with minimum of scratches
•   “DRY” grinding with dust collecting port

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  • Max.diameter (mm): 250
  • Spindle RPM: 1500
  • Dimensions in mm (LxWxH): 1110X400X968
  • Engine: elektromotor 1f
  • Weight (kg): 50 + 7,8 (závaží)

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