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Servicing small construction equipment

With our many years of experience, today we rank among the top in the field and on the Czech market for many years and we have many satisfied partners. Our main strengths include the quality of supplies and services, their scope and especially flexibility, which is directed towards the customer. This allows us to provide comprehensive and easy solution. With communication and feedback within the after-sales service know your needs and we are able to respond flexibly to them.

Scope of activities:
- Customer service tools and our own production of foreign brands
- Regular annual inspections
- Overhaul and reconditioning
- Service Engine
- Delivery of spare parts
- Manufacture of custom machinery, custom modification of existing machines
- Consulting, design solutions, staff training

Implementation method of correction:
- Pricing for the diagnosis (in case of hidden defects)
- Identification of defects and determine the extent of repairs, price calculation and after consultation with the client determines the final solution and the extent repairs, incl. construction time
- Testing and running-machines

We focus on the complete range of small construction equipment, especially on the table and block saws, core drills, grinders and cutters, wall saws, floor saws, power generators, compressors, heaters, dryers, mixers, vibrating equipment (plates, rammers pedestrian rollers) , industrial vacuum cleaners, blasting equipment, boilers and other watering.

We also perform repairs and service other brands of machines, and one-off repairs!

- Own, fully equipped service center
- Qualified personnel service mechanics
- Convenient location in Prague 4, near South Junction and Barrandov Bridge

Other services:
- Collection and removal of machines from the back to the customer

- Renting of selected types of spare machines for repair

- Repair option in the field 


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